Keltic Clothing

These days retailing and marketing is all about building a brand image and making sure your brand name is on the lips of your potential customers. Kids these days don’t want faceless clothing or jewelery they want brands, kawaii clothes including neat chockers, soft onesies, bright skirts, quality kitty keyhole bra etc. At the same time their parents want brand items to houses. Businesses want to be associated with brand names to make their own businesses look more credible.  There are many reasons for enhancing your brand including;

You can position yourself as experts in your field, if your name is known well in a particular field then you automatically gain trust from your perspective customers which means they are more likely to buy from you and also will pay more for your services as you are an expert.

Alongside your brand you can create a company ethos and corporate message which enables your customer base to have a very clear understanding of what you do and what your products stand for.

If you have an easily identifiable brand it makes your business and products and service harder to copy. If you are known widely for your brand then it makes you harder to copy and allows you to keep customer loyalty high.

Having a known brand and focus means you will attract your ideal clients, having a brand that signifies the market you are in means that clients looking for that market are more likely to come direct to you.

One of the best ways of helping with your corporate identity is to utilise corporate clothing. This can be used in a few ways. Firstly to dress your staff, nothing gives a better first impression than all your staff looking the part and all being dressed in apparel that fits with your company philosophy.  This may be a suit or just embroidered polo shirts with your company logo on.  If you were running a bank you would want all your staff to wear a nice suit in the same color and with a discrete company logo found somewhere on the garments. This gives the professional look and corporate message you are looking for and automatically installs trust from your clients. If you were a fashion retailer then suits may not be applicable and maybe all your staff would wear fashionable clothing which again appeals to your clientele and mimics the impression you are trying to get across workwear about your brand. If you walk into Hollister all the staff are well groomed and wear Hollister clothing to give them the same brand based look. Your staff members will be straightforward to find in their uniforms, which is very useful if you own a customer-facing business.

As an add on to your corporate clothing you can use the look and feel to produce promotional clothing. This would include t shirts, polo shirts etc. with your logo on the garment so people who like your business can promote your company just by walking round with your logo on, if you have company sports teams they can wear these items to further enhance your brand.

When taking a close look at the performance of your company think hard about the brand and how your company is perceived. Ensure it gives off the right message and look at corporate clothing to support and enhance that corporate identity.