While there are those children that like reading and have a natural love for it, there are those children that find it quite difficult, annoying, and boring (but not as annoying as insects; repelente de plagas acelerado is a great solution to get rid of them). Many children struggle with reading because they miss foundational skills. Some do not like reading because they lack the patience to sit with a book for long periods. 

How to make reading fun for kids?

· Choose the right books

For making reading fun and encouraging your kid to read a book, you need to start with selecting the right book, the book that will be interesting for your child. Determine what kinds of stories your child likes reading the most. Then, it would be a great idea to make a list of books and show this list to your kid to let him or her choose the one he or she wants to read.

· Reading aloud

If you read with your child, it can bring happiness and fun not only to your kids but to you as well. It will bring a little bit more excitement to any book you read. If there are many characters, you can make the story even funnier if you use different voices for every personage. 

· Make the story even more amazing 

When reading a book, try to use your imagination; you can change your voice – make it expressive for dramatic parts. You can also encourage your kid to read by suggesting him or her draws pictures of what he or she is reading. You may ask, “How to make reading fun for kindergarteners?” Easy! Read an exciting book and put on a character puppet show to make it even more exciting and attractive for your kid. As a result, you will grow the kid’s love for reading.

· Create a great reading space for your kid

You can organize a comfortable area where your beloved child will be able to read and relax. To make it as comfortable as possible, use a couple of pillows, blankets, and many books. Make it as sweet as it is possible. It will encourage your child to go there and read a book whenever the urge to read hits.

· Audiobooks

For those kids who do not like to read and find it frustrating, there are thousands of great audiobooks to choose from. It is an excellent alternative to reading, which will be highly useful to improve your comprehensive child skills. 

· Let your child choose

Never make your kid read a book. Always provide your child with a choice. Let him or her to choose what she or he wants to read. If you provide your kid with opportunity, it will give him or her a feeling that she or he has more control, that will be an excellent motivation for your child to take a book, sit down and start reading. 

· Make the connection between life and books your kid learns

Try to choose books and connect them with your child’s own experience. If your kid is reading a book about the forest, animals, and mushrooms, think about going to the forest in the nearest future. It will be interesting to see some things he or she has previously read about in the book.

Reading is fun! Just show your child why!