You want to renovate the house and don’t know whether to start with a bedroom changing everything starting from decor and interior up to getting a new tempurpedic cloud loft mattress. Or should you start with another room?  The answer is yes. It is recommended to prioritize a bathroom. Below are tips that will definitely be helpful.

What kind of lighting is best for a bathroom?

Traditionally, bathroom lighting consisted of sealed plastic or glass boxes. But nowadays your options are endless, says Eben Kruger from Eurolux. Mirrors with built-in lights, extractor fans with lights or a bathroom heater and light combination, are all readily available. Downlights are also a good choice as they spread light evenly in the bathroom – including over the basin and the shower. Just bear in mind that SABS regulations do not allow unsealed electrical connections within a 1.5m radius of water points.

NOTE:  Always call in the services of a professional electrician to install lights in the bathroom and make sure you get a certificate for the work done.

TIP:  If humidity, damp and bad ventilation is a problem, invest in an extractor fan. And do go green – there are a variety of energy saving bulbs on the market, including dimmer options.

What wallcovering is best for my bathroom?

Basically, you have three equally good options: Tiles are highly popular as they’re durable and especially suited to a moist, steamy environment. There’s also a huge selection to choose from. However, tiles are a permanent fixture, can be expensive and must be installed by a professional unless you have the DIY experience to take it on yourself. Paint is more affordable and allows you to transform your bathroom in a flash. Pale paint can look uninspiring and bland, so it’s best to go for strong or dramatic color or to use a paint technique for texture. Thanks to innovative modern materials and adhesives, you can now also wallpaper your bathroom walls for a luxury boutique feel. Ideal for spaces with damaged walls, wallpaper is easy to keep clean with soap and water – all you need is good ventilation and. Obviously, it’s best to go for wallpaper that is specially made for bathrooms, for best results. TIP:  Take a sample piece home with you to test the colorfastness: rub the sample with a wet cloth or sponge – if the color runs or the paper tears, rather choose another wallpaper.

Do you have any good ideas for storing dirty laundry?

It’s best to have two laundry baskets: one for darks and one for whites – but if you don’t have space, make or buy two or three medium-sized laundry bags that you can hang behind the bathroom door. Play around with colors and fabric to make a statement and to complement your existing decor. The bags can be washed along with the laundry and simply replaced when necessary.

Is the bathroom really the best place for my medicine chest?

Most people prefer to have medicines and other first aid paraphernalia in the bathroom, partly because you have access to water and partly because it’s more hygienic than the other rooms in the house, contends decor guru Terence Conran in Bathrooms. On the other hand, most medicines and antiseptic solutions will expire sooner if exposed to heat and steam – to make sure the cabinet is securely closed. Also, check it regularly and remove expired items. If you have children, make ensure the cabinet is locked or well out of reach.

Where do I put my towels if I only have one towel rail?

The obvious answer is to put up hooks – but don’t limit yourself to these alone as there are a number of very clever and functional ways to hang towels: Use a plastic magazine holder or a shoe bag made of transparent material and place rolled towels in the compartments. Hang towels on a bamboo ladder that is placed against a wall. Place rolled towels in woven baskets – this will also add texture to the room. Freestanding rails or coat racks are great for hanging towels in compact spaces. Use a large glass vase to store smaller items such as rolled hand towels, face cloths or sponges.

How can my cluttered bathroom look more orderly?

An ideal bathroom can easily look cluttered if there is a great variety of toiletries standing around – especially so in a small space. Storage is the answer. Your bathroom will look neat and tidy if everything has a place and it’ll also look bigger. There’s always extra shelf space under a washbasin – and it’s the ideal place to keep towels.

How do I choose handles for a bathroom cabinet?

Take five of your favorite styles home with you and use Prestik to stick them onto the pieces you’d like to attach them to. Stainless steel handles usually create a modern look while detailed, ornamental handles lend themselves to a classic feel. And if you love the rustic decor, definitely go for antique handles.