Video Tips

Nowadays, social networks have become very popular advertising tools because vertical videos there can be very informative and help the audience to learn more about your products or services. Such videos in your social networks will attract viewers and encourage them to buy your goods. Moreover, this is convenient to see this on mobile devices because the vertical video is more comfortable to view on the go and, as a rule, it gives more results compared to other content options on social networks. For the creation of high-quality videos, a lot of people apply to animated video production services.

Showing a target product video to the audience will have a positive effect on your profit. Very important is to emphasize all the benefits of the proposed good. Transferring data about a product using video makes it easier for users to perceive information because it does not force a person to read the information in a text post or search the Internet at all.

What is a vertical video, and what are the benefits of it?

This is a video that was created for the vertical review. The reason for the appearance of it served that fact that people most often access social networks from smartphones. It is quite natural that they keep the device vertically at that time. That is why most of the content is focused on the vertical format. And videos are no exception. Stationary computer gradually fades into the background, and manufacturers are forced to offer new products.

Vertical posting shows better performance than horizontal video. The reason for this is simple: the user sees a horizontal video on his device, but he keeps it vertically at the same time. The picture on this video seems small, and the text is entirely invisible, the viewer begins to get annoyed and does not watch the video. Vertical video aspect ratio is very convenient for any device. Moreover, advertising costs and budget optimization of vertical videos also overtake horizontal ones in some cases.

A vertical video allows directors to improvise with the composition and look for unexpected solutions, which is not so easy to do in a well-studied horizontal format.

So do not worth to limit yourself only horizontal video. The vertical shooting provides an opportunity to offer users unusual ways of focusing on the product. In general, the advertiser has from 6 to 15 seconds, depending on the format of the video, to attract the client. If the user sees the horizontal video on his smartphone while holding the phone vertically, the picture will be small, and the product may not attract attention. While vertical video takes up the entire screen and allows the user to focus on the brand or product, as shown in the practice, advertisers who have started using vertical videos to promote their products say that they have received better results than advertisers who use horizontal ones.